Llorens xarcuters

Mestres artesans

Master Butchers

Proud of our traditions, passionate about new innovations

We add a dash of creativity to our long line of family butchers now in its third generation.

At Cal Llorens we are proud of our family tradition: we are the third generation of butchers and charcutiers in Falset.
Our greatest legacy has been the pile of recipes, methods and food discoveries we continue to collect and use in our shop.

And yet we are also aware of the times we live in and the need for trust, training and creativity.
As a result of the balance of the three, our pâtés and artisanal cured meats or meats prepared according to the season are aimed at surprising our customers.

We are a certified master butcher and charcuterie.
The products we use are sourced locally as much as possible, be them local meats, garden vegetables or Priorat herbs.